About Us

We are driven by passion and love towards the American Staffordshire terrier breed having lived with them for the last twenty years. Our goal is to contribute in the development of the breed by producing the best examples in terms of beauty, health, and working qualities.

Tetyana Shvydka
Founder, Judge FCI and Handler
Max Varyvoda
Just a good man and web admin

Back to 2000

Our story begins in 2000 when the first American Staffordshire terrier appeared in our home. It was Diana Champion From Sunny Town and she had changed our lives forever. We trained her a lot and took part in dozens of dog shows. As a result, our first dog got pretty good results.

The next big step - Fastwater Kennel

In 2005 we decided to start our own dog kennel and did the first breeding.

Taking part in a breed development of AST

In 2009 I became a breed leader in a Primorsky Regional Department of UKU “Arcadia” in Odesa

The decision was made, I decided to get an education as a professional cynologist

2012 – Certificate of Breeder of UKU

2013 – Certidicate of Cynologist Expert of UKU

Handling is an important part of dog shows

2015 – Start of education as a handler

Awarded a qualification of National Judge (CAC rank)

2016 – National Judge of CAC rank shows for the 3rd group

My first experience as a Judge

8th of September 2018 I judged the Dog show rank CAC in Odesa

Awarded a qualification of International Judge (CACIB rank)

2019 – International Judge of CACIB rank shows for some breeds of the 3rd group

My Release of Judge is extended (CACIB and CAC ranks)

2021 – My Release of Judge is updated: 

6 breeds of CACIB rank and 20 breeds of CAC rank.

The future looks great!​

I have a dream… Someday I will judge the World and European Dog Shows. And rise Champions of Europe and the World.

And I know that it will come true!